Betterton MC Historical Restoration

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The Betterton Methodist Church has begun the second phase of an Historic Restoration campaign to restore our 105 year old building to its original appearance.

The first phase was completed in 2018, allowing the repair, restoration and weatherization of the Church's 23 stained glass windows. Each of these windows are works of art. Placards on the windows list the names of members who played a role in the history of our Church in the Town of Betterton.

Our second phase will remove the stucco that was added to the exterior of the Church in 1933. That material has deteriorated and has been falling dangerously for a number of years. Funds raised will include demolition of the stucco and the installation of high quality vinyl siding to match the original look of the Church when it was dedicated in 1915.

We are seeking contributions to support the restoration costs. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Betterton is included in the Methodist Church's 501(c)3 designation by the Internal Revenue Service, making your investment tax deductible. For additional information please contact Sue Copper at 410-348-5695.